About me

My name is Cindy Bizet, I am 40 years old and I am the mum of Margot, Clarissa and Milo.

I was born in France; after graduating and some working experience in the USA and in New Zealand, in 2004 I settled in Verona, where I became area manager in a famous wine company. When I decided to have a family many things changed: I felt inadequate and wrong for the Italian job market and as a result I had to give up on my career. After becoming the mum of Margot first, and later of Clarissa, for three years I felt that my life’s equation was wrong, a variable was missing. Although I was very happy to grow as a mum, I sensed a grudge and frustration. Each new day there was a feeling of imperfection and inadequacy growing inside me. I wanted to be a mum, but I was not willing to give up on my carreer.

Then, after being aware that what I was missing was a business on my own, I started looking for my path!

I really desired to create my working life, which could reflect my wishes: flexibility, organization of time based on my needs, to be part of a project rich in values, to grow interpersonal relationships and to always face new challenges. 

Surfing among job offers I met the opportunity which looked like the most suitable for me.

Without any hesitations I answered the ad and this is how it started my big working adventure with Ringana.


In my free time I love tasting a good glass of wine among friends, listening to music, feeding my mind and giving quality time to my children. I practice pilates consistently and I try to live in nature as much as possible. I strongly believe in the power of beauty as the essence of life.

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